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    The Foundation for Lower Moreland Schools: Innovation Classroom Grant Application Form

    The Foundation for Lower Moreland Schools is a non-profit, public-private partnership dedicated to improving the future of public education in the Lower Moreland Township School District. The Foundation’s mission is to secure private funds in support of innovative programming and curriculum enhancements.

    The Allocation Committee, chaired by the Superintendent, is responsible for reviewing all grant applications. The Allocation Committee will meet twice a year, in the Fall and in the Spring, to review all applications. Fall submissions are due on or before December 30th for projects conducted between January and June. Spring submissions are due on or before May 31st for projects conducted between September and December. Applicants will be informed of the Committee’s decision within two weeks of that meeting. At the end of the first school year, grant recipients are required to submit a brief follow-up report detailing successes of the project.

    Completed applications should be emailed to

    Please complete the following and include as much information as possible in order to provide insight into your proposal and the types of activities you will undertake.

    Implementation Timeline:
    From to

    Target Population (grades, school, etc…):

    STATEMENT OF NEED –Your project should be a part of or an extension of your curriculum activities, and should meet building or district goals. Please describe your proposed project and what you aim to achieve with this project in the following questions.

    1. Provide a brief overview of what your project entails. If your proposal is accepted, this is the description that will be used in any publication about this project.

    2. The name of this grant is the Innovation Classroom Grant; what about your project is innovative and how is it important to the district? Is your project for the short-term or for long-term?

    3. Please detail the use and necessity of the non budgetary technology and materials requested.

    4. What are the criteria for determining the success of your project? How can your project be scaled up in the future?

    5. How will your project be implemented? Please provide a timeline.

    6. If your project is specific to a school, how can it be replicated and/or applied to the other schools in the district?

    For certain projects, we will require a follow-up meeting with a brief presentation/overview of your project. Please note that allocations of $1,000 are available for each teacher. To increase your allocation, you can add collaborators from your department or other departments that will benefit from this grant.
    BUDGET: Please complete the project budget form below. Be sure to include links to the vendors for the materials you are purchasing. You can also provide hard copies and attach them to this application.

    Note: All Innovation Classroom Grant purchases are the property of Lower Moreland Township School District (LMTSD) and therefore must follow the established purchasing procedures of the District. Following these procedures guarantees that the items will be purchased at the lowest cost consistent with quality, quantity and delivery requirements and in compliance with Pennsylvania State Procurement Code. Grant purchases involving technology equipment must be submitted for approval by the Director of Technology to ensure that the equipment is compatible with District technology and that the equipment or software is recorded in the district licensing and equipment database. Funds spent must be consistent with the intent of the budget presented in this proposal.


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